Our Story

Yum Yums is a small family owned health food store based in Mossman, tropical north Queensland.

We stock a carefully selected range of certified organic, natural and non-toxic products, including an extensive grocery selection, natural beauty products, health supplements, toxic-free home cleaners and eco-friendly staples.

While Yum Yums has been around for 35 years, the store has constantly evolved and grown into what it is today. We hold a firm belief of only selling effective products. We pride ourselves on great customer service and research all our products extensively so that you don’t have to. Our aim is to be better for the planet.

Many of our products and the services we use, are locally sourced. As farmers and small business owners ourselves we know the importance of supporting our local community and shopping local.

sarah at yum yums mossman

About me

My personal journey to finding a way to a healthier lifestyle began in 2015 when I was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The hunt for natural remedies to an incurable disease led me to discover the truth about what we are putting in our bodies on a daily basis and its effects on us. I was surprised to find out how many chemicals were in the food I ate, what I used on my body and how I cleaned my home. I made an immediate decision to change the way my family lived and what we consumed, forever.


When a random opportunity popped up to quit my corporate job and buy a local natural wellness health food store in our small town I jumped at the opportunity.